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Listed as a pair... shirt size on left, unitard on right. 28 short/ small short, 40 long/ Large long, 38/ Large Long, 32/ Small long, 36 Short/ Large, 38 Long/ XLarge, 34/ Medium, 38/ Medium, 30/ Small long, 34/ Medium Long, 36/ Medium, 36/ Medium XLong, 32/ Small, 36 Long/ Large XXLong, 36/ Medium, 34/ Medium, 46 Long/ 3XLarge, 42/ XLarge, 36 Short/ Medium, 32/ Medium, 32/ Small XLong, 32/ Small, 26/ Small Long, 30/ Small, 30/ Small, 34/ Medium Long, 32 Long/ Small Long, Wrist bands: Small-27, Medium-20, Large-4, XLarge-2, 2XLarge-2
Professionally made by FJM, Inc. There is some satining on some of the white parts.


Pull on tank unitard that is white lycra on top and the pants section are a denim stretch fabric. One leg has a wide cut and the other is tight with red and orange sequin design on it. The top pulls over the head and has one sleeve in turquoise, white, orange and yellow digital print with sequin down the middle. Each uniform comes with a detachable feather wrist bands.

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