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How to Consign Your Flags and Uniforms

  1. Box all of your items to be sold and address them to:
    The Guard Room
    1079 Quail Run Dr.
    Dayton, OH 45458
    You can use the Postal Service or any Ground Shipping Company of your choosing. Please take the time to fill out one of our inventory forms and enclose it with your items.

    For flags, please lay each flag in the set one on top of another, then fold together. If multiple sets of flags were used together or during the same show, please place in the boxes in order so that they are shown on the website in order. For uniforms, please launder the uniforms prior to shipping and fold the uniforms neatly in the boxes. Depending on the time of year, items received for consignment will go up on the site as soon as possible. We take the time to put models in the uniforms that we receive to give you the best chance of selling your items. If you send us some items and decide that you would like them back, there is a 5% (of our selling price) restocking fee, plus shipping.

  2. Sit back and watch your items sell!

    After the items have been photographed and posted to the website, you can watch online and see exactly when items have sold. When a buyer contacts us to buy one of your items, a 'SALE PENDING' sign will appear in the status box below your item. As soon as payment is received from the buyer, a 'SOLD' sign will appear and your item will be removed from the inventory within 10 business days.

    Once items sell, the consigner gets 60% of the selling price placed in their account and the buyer pays all shipping costs.  There is a 3% surcharge for credit card orders.  Checks are sent out upon request, use the 'contact' button on the homepage to request a check.  Some of our clients have made over $20,000 by just sending us their used items that were just sitting in their "Guard Room"!  

  3. What items can I consign?

    The Guard Room will accept flags and uniforms that are in good/excellent condition. Items that are not sellable (either bad condition or extremely out of date styles) will be donated or disposed of at the discretion of the management. We do NOT accept uniform or flag sets with less then 5 in the set, with the exception of oversized 'Effect' flags. We generally do not accept hats, shakos or helmets due to extreme shipping costs for the consigner and the purchaser and size restrictions in our storage facility. If you have something that you think is worth selling, you can send us a picture first and we can let you know if it's worth sending to us.  For large props, tarps and band uniforms we ONLY offer remote consignment, contact us for details. If large items are shipped to us, they will either be disposed of or donated.

    The Guard Room has sold thousands of items over the years and strives to keep the quality level as high as possible. When deciding whether or not to consign a certain item, please ask yourself if you would be disappointed with receiving it as a buyer because it's in too bad of shape. If so, save the shipping and dispose of it. If you would be happy with purchasing it, send it right away and we'll help you earn money back for your program while clearing out space in YOUR Guard Room!                                                                        
  4. Terms and Conditions:

Pricing: Pricing is determined by The Guard Room based on current market conditions and condition/style/quantity of the items. 

Consignment Returns:  If you would like to have items returned that you are consigning, we will ship them back to you at your shipping expense plus a 5% restocking fee.  

Liability:  The Guard Room assumes no responsibility for items in transit or while stored at The Guard Room and shall not be liable in the event of fire, flood, or other acts of God.  

Product Returns:  If you're not 100% satisfied with your purchase, please contact the office immediately.  

Consignment Period:  After 1 year of consignment, items may be discounted and moved to a Clearance Section. After 3 years of consignment, The Guard Room reserves the right to dispose of unsellable items at their discretion.  After 5 years of consignment, any remaining items become property of The Guard Room.