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Price: $2,250.00
$90.00 each or $2250 for set.
($90.00 ea)
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25 25 capes, 20 female unitards, 7 male unitards
Capes- Small-4, Small long-1, Medium-4, Medium Long-4, Large-3, XLarge-1, XLarge Long-2, 2XLarge-4, 2XLarge Long-1, 3XLarge-1 Female unitards: Small Short-1, Small-3, Small Long-1, Medium-3, Medium Long-5, Large Short-1, Large-3, XLarge-1, 2XLarge Short-1, 2XLarge-1 Male Unitards: Small-1, XLarge Long-2, 2XLarge-2, 2XLarge Long-1, 3XLarge 1
Professionally made by FJM, Inc. and only worn a couple of times. There are some tears around some of the knees, otherwise they are in perfect condition.


Red and black digitally printed unitard with many features on it. Unitard zips up the back and has only been worn a couple of times. The red cape is made of velvet and has elastic sewn into it to keep them up on the shoulders. This uniform was worn by Juxtapostion WG 2020

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