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Price: $1,330.00
$35.00 each, or $1330.00 for set.
($35.00 ea)
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38 34 Female dresses, 4 male uniforms
Female dresses: XXSmall-1, XSmall-4, Small short-1, Small-8, Small Long-4, Medium-5, Medium Long-4, Large Short-1, Large-4, Large Long-1 Male Vests: 34-2, 36-1, 46-1 Male Unitards: Medium-1, Medium Long-1, Large Long-1, 3XLarge-1
Brand new uniforms professionally made by Creative Costuming and Designs.


Female dress has a maroon skirt and shorts attached to the costume made of lycra. The top is teal sequins and had a purple tie around the waist for an accent. The male costume is a unitard that zips up the front but is hidden by the buttons. The top of it is yellow and the bottom is maroon to match the female skirts. The vest is teal with a red accent collar and the fabric is all stretchy.

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This item has a quantity restriction of either the full quantity (38) or a quantity of up to 28.