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Price: $6,660.00
$60.00 each, or $6600.00 for set.
($60.00 ea)
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111 111 unitards, 117 vests
Vests: 30-1, 30L-1, 32-14, 32L-4, 34-13, 34L-9, 36-20, 36L-8, 38-14, 38L-11, 40-11, 40L-7, 42-2, 42L-3, 48-1, 52-1 Unitards: 32-2, 34-12, 34L-6, 36-20, 36L-6, 38-19, 38L-13, 40-10, 40L-10, 42-2, 42L-5, 44-1, 44L-4, 46-1, 58-1
Professionally made by Dance Sophisticates. Some green belts are missing in this set.


Creme paint splattered top with grey and black pants, velcro down the center. Uniform comes with a green belt and buckle. The vest is a variety of fabrics that fall within purples, greens, blues, and maroons. The vest displays plaids, paisley, florals, etc. Uniforms come with a bunch of different fabric that can be tied to uniform in different ways.

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This item has a quantity restriction of either the full quantity (111) or a quantity of up to 50.