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Price: $4,690.00
$4690.00 for set
Qty Available:
67 82 bib pants, 67 Jackets, 95 Shakos, 105 Gauntlets
Contact the office for sizes
These uniforms are in good condition and are 15 years old
Pick up locations: Plainfield High School 1 Red Pride Drive Plainfield, IN 46168 Contact Person: Shelley Henrey
Additional Info:
Available for pick up only in Plainfield Indiana


There are 67 total uniforms available in this set. They are Blue and Black jackets with velcro on the front to place the diamond shape or any other shape/character that would be the same size and has velcro on it. The bibs are just black with snaps on the bottoms to adjust hem. They are Fred J. Miller Company uniforms and are approximately 15 or so years old.

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