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36 , A-9 uniforms, only 7 ties, B-10 uniforms, C-9 uniforms, D-8 uniforms
A. Ties are one size fits all. Brown velvet pants: S-1, M-4, L-1, XL-2, 2XL-1, Grey lycra leo: S-1, M-4, L-1, XL-2, 2XL-1, B. Dark grey leo: S-3, M-2, XL-2, 2XL-1, 3XL-1, 4XL-1, Vest: 32-1, 34-2, 36-2, 40-2, 44-2, 52-1, Tan pants: S-2, M-3, XL-2, 2XL-1, 3XL-1, 4XL-1, C. Brown bibs: S-2, L-2, XL-2, 2XL-2, 3XL-1, Blue velvet shirts: 32-1, 34-1, 36-1, 40-2, 42-1, 42+2-1, 44-1, 48-1, D. Dark grey leo: XS-2, M-1, L-2, XL-2, 3XL-1, Tan/Copper bib pants: XS-2, M-1, L-3, XL-1, 3XL-1,
Some stains and tears. Professionally made by Creative Costuming.


Drumline unis, 4 different styles. A-Consists of brown velvet pants, and a grey long sleeve leotard and a teal tie. B-Consists of a dark grey long sleeve leo, tan lycra pants and a vest with blue velvet, blue lycra copper lycra accents. C. Full length top of blue velvet with a grey lycra collar, brown lycra tank style bibs. D. Dark grey long sleeve leo with white buttons down the center, attachable to tan lycra pants with copper lycra accents as suspenders. White stretchy accents on all uniforms

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