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49 , one soloist steampunk jacket, one pair of goggles, 32 female uniforms, 17 male uniforms, uniform previously worn with UNI-3502
Female uniforms: XS-4, S-18, M-8, XL-2, Male Vests and Belts (same exact sizes, waist in inches): 30-1, 32-4, 34-6, 38-5, 46-1, Male unitard: S-2, S long-2, S Xlong- 2, S 2Xlong-1, M-1, M long-1, M Xlong-2, L short-2, L long-1, L Xlong-2, 2XL long-1, Goggles-one size. Coat- Medium?
Some tears and stains. Some buttons are worn/have been replaced with buttons other than the originals. Sizes are worn down on tags, some sizes estimated. Uniform previously worn with UNI-3502. Professionally made by Creative Costuming.


Female uniform is one piece with 1 sleeve and chest made of cream lacy lycra, neck is brown sparkle lycra, torso consists of brown sparkle lycra, brown textured lycra, and green sequined lycra. Legs are vertical grey and white striped lycra. Hips have "gathered" brown sparkle lycra and skirt. 1/2 zip in back. Male uniform is 3 pieces. Full body unitard with brown textured and eggshell lycra. Vest is made of same fabric as females. Belt is dark brown lycra with gold hoop accent and buckle in back

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