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13 , 12 regular unis, 1 soloist uni
Regular uniforms: 4R-1, 6R-4, 8R-3, 8T-1, 10R-1, 14R-1, 16T-1, Solist Uniform: 8R-1, Cape fits all sizes.
Some leather is wearing down, some zippers need repair. Professionally made by The Band Hall.


One piece unitard with a half zip in front. Uniform consists of grey fur, grey velvet, red velvet, blue tattered fabric, brown leather accents and straps. Hood attached is made of the same blue tattered fabric. Soloist uniform is made of the same materials and is the same style as the other uniform. This uniform's hood and part of the chest are made of red and black sparkly fabric. Red cape attaches separately at neck.

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