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29 , buckles are found in the front pocket of jacket.
Sizes are adult sizes unless specified. Tops: S-12, M-7, L-2, XL-2, 3XL-1, Child Large-5, Bottoms: S-9, M-11, L-2, XL-2, 2XL-2, 4XL-1, Child Large-2,
Several uniforms are missing the black buckles. Professionally made by A Wish Come True.


Two piece uniform. Tops are a brown textured lycra jacket, with green textured lycra sleeves; one sleeve has red lycra covered in black mesh. On the front is a green textured lycra pocket with a silver accent. Red lycra accents covered in black mesh are on the top. The front velcro's shut. Black buckle accent. Bottoms have an elastic waist with brown textured lycra, black adjustable straps, side pockets made out of green textured lycra with silver accents. Black stretchy lycra at the bottom.

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