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20 , 19 dresses, 1 male uni, 4 arm bands per uni, 2 leg bands per uni
Female dresses: Small Short-1, Small-7, Medium Short-4, Medium-6, Medium Long-1, Male: Top-1 small, Bottoms-1 small, Arm bands (140 total, 35 sets of 4): Small-18 sets, Medium- 14 sets, Large- 2 sets, Leg Cuffs (83 total, 40 pairs): Small-12 pairs, Medium-14 pairs, Large-14 pairs.
Some stains towards the bottom of the skirts. Professionally made by FJM.


One piece blue lycra top and skirt, black lycra built-in leotard bottoms. Black pleather straps and neck piece with gold button accents. Neck piece hooks in back, 1/2 zip in back. Male version is blue lycra leotard with snaps, black lycra pants. Leg and arm bands are black pleather with black stretchy material and gold button accents

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