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6 , 3 strap dresses, 2 dresses with t-shirt style top, 1 solo dress,
Sizes are estimated. Tags are in uniform, but sizes weren't provided. Solo: Small-1, T-shirt style: Small-1, Medium-1, With straps: XS-2, S-1,
Some staining. Professionally made by Creative Costuming.


Pull on one piece with built in shorts. 2 grey lycra stripes on each shoulder, chest piece is creme lycra with black and gold floral mesh, black velvet waist, skirt is creme and grey lycra, Other version, full zip back with built in shorts. Grey lycra, creme lycra with black and gold floral mesh make up the top of this version. Grey lycra waist with black velvet. Grey sparkly lycra skirt. Solo uniform version has same skirt, but top is creme and grey lycra with black velvet and floral design.

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