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25 , 11 white hair dress, 10 white hair dress, 6 blue hair dress, 8 green shorts, 8 red shorts, 9 yellow shorts
Red Hair Dress: XSmall-3, Small-3, Medium-4, 2XLarge-1, White Hair Dress: XSmall-2, Small-4, Medium-3, XLarge-1, Blue Hair Dress: XSmall-2, Small-1, Medium-2, XLarge-1, Green Unitard: XSmall-2, Small-2, Medium-3, 2XLarge-1, Red Unitard: XSmall-2, Small-4, Medium-2, Yellow Unitard: XSmall-3, Small-2, Medium-2, Large-1, XLarge-1
Professionally made.


Full lycra uniform with long sleeve zip back uniform with the tops all being black and the shorts being either yellow, red, or green. Dresses go overtop the unitards. Dresses have screen printed woman with all the same design but in three different color schemes. Colors consist of pink, white, orange, blue, green, yellow, red and black. Coordinating leg warmers included.

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This item has a quantity restriction of either the full quantity (25) or a quantity of up to 18.