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35 , 28 Percussion, 7 visual ensemble
Per. Tops: XSmall-1, Small-6, Medium-9, Large-7, XLarge-2, 2XLarge-3, Perc. Pants: Small-8, Medium-9, Large-5, XLarge-3, 3XLarge-3, Visual Ensemble: Small-3, Medium-1, Large-1, XLarge-1, Small Blue Version-1,
One size Small of the visual ensemble uniforms is an approximate as an original size was not included. Professionally made by Algy.


Two piece uniform consisting of maroon crushed velvet, maroon lycra, blue shiny lycra, red shiny lycra. Top has a velcro closure for an easy reveal to iridescent sequins, shades of shiny blue lycra and dark navy lycra. Pants have an elastic waistband. Set includes seven visual ensemble female uniforms that consist of tan crushed velvet, shades of blue lycra, iridescent sequins and white lycra with white sequins. One of the seven ensemble uniforms is a solo blue version.

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