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Price: $480.00
$40.00 each, or $480.00 for set
($40.00 ea)
Qty Available:
12 9 female uniforms, 3 male uniforms
Female: XXSmall-2, XSmall Short-1, XSmall-2, Small Short-1, Small-3 Male Unitard: Small-1, Medium XLong-1, 2XL Long-1, Male Tops: 30-1, 36-1, 42-1
Brand new uniforms professionally made by Creative Costuming and Designs.


Female unitard that pulls on from the feet. It is made up of lycra in the following colors, burnt orange, red, gold and a digital print. There is a small power mesh that hangs on the shoulder and leg. This is a brand new uniform! Male uniform is a unitard and a shirt the goes over the unitard and it matches the female costume.

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This item has a quantity restriction of either the full quantity (12) or a quantity of up to 3.