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20 , 17 white dresses, 1 male version, 1 male soloist, 1 female brown unitard soloist
White dresses: XS-1, S-6, M-5, M long-2, L-4, Male version: M long-1, Brown female soloist uni: S-1, Male soloist uni: Pants: 32-1, Top: M-1,
Some staining. Professionally made by FJM.


White lycra and mesh dresses with white crushed velvet, features black paw prints, rainbow mesh skirt, and biker shorts with nude mesh leggings. 1/2 zipper in back. One male version. Female soloist uniform is a white lycra, brown lycra, and white crushed velvet unitard with a brown lycra top. Comes with an elastic waisted rainbow skirt. Male soloist uniform consists of brown textured pants, creme argyle-type vest, and accessories (hat, bow tie, suspenders)

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