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33 , 10 red pants/zipper top uniforms, 23 black pants, shirt, and jacket uni., 1 extra jacket, 3 extra crushed velvet shirts
Red pants: XS-1, S-3, M-3, L-3, Zipper/sash shirt: 32-2, 34-3, 34+2-1, 36-1, 38-2, 40+2, Black pants: XS-1, S-7, M-7, L-6, 3XL-2, Jacket: 32-2, 34-7, 36-3, 36+2-2, 38-4, 38+2-1, 38+3-1, 40-1, 40+4-1, 48+2-1, 50-1, Velvet shirt: 32-2, 34-7, 36-3, 36+2, 38-6, 38+2-1, 38+3-1, 40-1, 40+4-1, 48+2-1, 50-1,
Uniforms need to be washed. Jackets have a portion on the collar that helps it to stand up, but edges are poking through the material. Professionally made by Creative Costuming.


2 drumline uniforms. One has black lycra pants with black/silver crushed velvet down the side with shiny red lycra piping. Shirt has grey lycra, black textured lycra, zipper accents, sparkly black lycra, red sparkly lycra with a grey lycra and red mesh sash. Other uniform has a jacket made of stretchy black lycra, shiny red lycra lining (on some), black straps with metal accents, and it hangs open, does not zip or close. Black/silver crushed velvet shirts. Black pants with elastic waist.

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