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Soft brown tank bibs: S-9, S long-2, M-1, L-2, L long-3, XL long-1, 2XL long-2, 3 XL long-1, Brown textured bibs: M-10, M long-2, 3XL long-1, Cotton grey long sleeve: 32-10, 34-6, 42-2, 44-1, Velvet grey long sleeve: 30-1, 36-7, 38-6, 48-1, Soft brown shirt: 32-1, 38-1, 40-1, 48-1, Grey lycra shirt: 34-3, 42-2, Dark blue textured vest shirt: M-2, Blue lycra vest shirt: S-5, Brown vest: L-2, Brown zip up vest: 36-6, Blue lycra zip up vest: 32-2, Dark blue zip up vest: 34-2,
Professionally made by Creative Costuming.


Various drumline uniforms. Tank style bibs are made of grey lycra and soft brown velvet or brown textured lycra. Uni includes grey scrunched up long sleeve shirt, cotton or velvet, with a vest (brown, blue) or brown, grey, or blue lycra jacket. Some uni have a brown hat.

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