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22 , female not pictured with hood
Sizes by color. Red: 8R-2, 1 Male uniform-XLarge, Orange: 6R-1, 8R-1, 10R-1, Yellow: 6S-1, 8R-1, 10R-1, Green: 6R-1, 10R-1, 10T-1, Blue: 8S-2, 10R-2, Purple: 6R-1, 8R-2, Violet/magenta: 6R-1, 10R-1, 10T-1, Hood sizes: 6S-1, 6R-4, 8S-2, 8R-6, 10R-5, 10T-2, 16R-1, XLR-1,
Some light staining. Professionally made by The Band Hall.


Uniform is a full body unitard, consisting of sparkly colored lycra, solid color lycra, and black lycra. Each uniform has an additional large colored skirt, matching the respective unitard color, with a velcro waist. There are several different colors. See sizes and pictures for options. Male uniform is a full body unitard, made of red sparkly lycra, solid red lycra, black lycra and the pants are red lycra. Each uniform has a cape made of black lycra, with a black velvet hood.

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